Representing working people, Americans living with disabilities, and sexual abuse survivors.

Benjamin Sweet specializes in litigation involving class actions, disability and accessibility rights, and sexual abuse.


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Benjamin J. Sweet Pittsburgh – Fighting for Your RIGHTS

Your rights are important. Having experience and compassion on your side can help. Attorney Benjamin J. Sweet, also known as Ben Sweet, is regarded as one of the top advocates for people facing injustices due to disability rights, sexual abuse and more. Click a link to below to learn more about how Ben Sweet can fight for you. 


Litigation services

Disability Rights/Accessibility Litigation

We fight for the fundamental civil rights of people living with disabilities.

Working Americans Litigation

Sexual Abuse

We demand justice for survivors of sexual abuse and fight to hold perpetrators accountable.

Work Class Action

class action

We represent individuals in a broad array of class action action litigation contexts, including antitrust, consumer protection and securities.  

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